Software MiDomet per il monitoraggio dei consumi

MiDoMet Soft is the software provided in the cloud for viewing and reading of data management from MiDoMet devices installed in the field. Through the system it is possible to monitor consumptions, and the timely detection of losses and failures. The system is "multi-level and multi-access" with different passwords and login access based on skills, you can access the system such as: administrator for the billing of the fuel consumption, maintenance technician to check the proper functioning of the systems, the user for display of their consumptions.

Functionality and Features of the System

Monitoraggio consumi totali

Display of totals consumptions every 24 hours, of each counter.

Bilancio idrico condominiale

Display of detailed timetable to single-user consumptions.

Allarmi e frequenze di comunicazione

Area for the remote change of alarm levels, communication frequencies and reading.

bilancio idrico condominiale

Display of totals consumptions in the input and output (condominium water balance).

Area report e statistiche a consuntivo e previsionali dei consumi

Area report and final statistics and forecasting for group consumption or for individual users.


Georeferencing of all systems installed within its competence.

Autenticazione riservata

Reserved Access Multilevel-Multiaccess for administrators, maintenance workers and end users.

Area report e statistiche a consuntivo e previsionali dei consumi

Custom integration of consumption data with other management software already in use.


System optimized and also accessible from smartphones and tablets.