grafico sistema di telelettura midomet wired

MiDoMet Wired

Concentrator connected up to 12 counters or wired sensors. Suitable for condominium with collectors of counters located in the same spot.

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Centralina MiDoMet
Multi-inputs (more sensors on one device) Up to 12 digital or analog inputs cable
Type of mechanical counter No weight limit or diameter or connectable sensor
Retrofitting (inclusion of existing plants)) Connectable in retrofitting
Processing module ARM microcontroller
Storage module 8 Mbit flash memory, about 15,000 readings
Modulo trasmissione dati Modem OEM GSM/GPRS Quad Band
Transmission Features Referential time data, each reading is stored along with the time and date it was detected
Transmission and retrieval of data In case of failed communication system it is necessary for the transmission of data
Antenna Quad Band Antenna SMA coaxial cable 3 mt SM4
Assembly 2 dowels Ø 6
Environmental conditions Working temperature: -20°C ÷ 55°C
IP Protection IP 67 - IP 68
Size 158x100x52 (mm)
Display and keyboard Info display and membrane with 4 buttons